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Noodletools & Citing Your Sources: Home

A guide to the citation tool as well as pointers to other resources related to citation and writing


Check the Identifying Citations tab to identify your sources!

Other Citation & Writing Resources

About Noodletools and Other Citation Builders

Noodle, Noodles, Noodletools. Students call it by several names, but whatever they call it they uniformly love it! But you need to know it can't do everything for you. Citation builders can help with some of the problems citation causes. But only some of them.

Citation builders can take the grunt work out of citation.

  • They will make sure your bibliography is in alphabetical order.
  • They will make sure that is formatted correctly, with periods and parentheses and commas where they need to be.

What they cannot do.

  • They cannot check your spelling.
  • And crucially, they cannot verify that you are putting a source in the correct style for the type of material it is (although they will do their darnedest to help you get it right). You must be able to read and identify what type of source you are using, regardless of where you found it and identify what it is.

In other words, you will access the bulk of your sources via the internet, but they WILL NOT BE internet sources. They will be: magazine articles, ebooks, blog entries, journal articles, original database content, television broadcast transcripts, pdfs of letters, or podcasts (just to name a few). A few of them may even be web pages. You have to be able to ID what is what.

And you will have to know exactly what your instructor means when they say: "No internet sources." Because even they may not mean what they think they mean.

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APA Blog

The APA Style Blog is produced by the people responsible for the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition.